IOS and MacOs Syncing

I list my passwords and usernames etc in several long-ish notes, all my travel-related usernames and password, for instance in one long note. If I update data part way down the note, it’s not updated to other computers when I sync. If I add the update to the end of the note (at the bottom), it is updated. This has occurred from MacOs to IOS and between IOS machines. I have the latest Codebook on all machines and this has happened several times.

Hey @SteveF

Thank you for using Codebook and posting to the discussion forum, although I’m sorry to hear about the trouble with Note data not propagating when syncing when adding data to the middle of the note.

Would you please write into our support at so we can troubleshoot the issue with you.

A few things to include when you’re writing in:

  1. Which sync method are you using (Google Drive, Dropbox, Desktop WiFi)?
  2. Are you modifying the Note separately on the other device that’s not receiving the update before you sync? (for example, are you adding a new username/password to the middle of the note on your iPhone then adding another separate username/password to the middle of the note on your Mac before syncing)
  3. Are you always adding data to the note one one specific device when this occurs? (i.e. are you always adding it on an iOS device and then syncing to macOS, or does it occur the other way around as well?).
  4. What model/operating system devices are you using (i.e. iPhone XS iOS 13.5.1, Mac Book Pro 15" 2018 10.14.6).