Setting up latest version MacOS and IOS

After setting up the latest build of the Codebook app on MacOS and IOS and setting sync to Google Drive, I started getting duplicates, in this case 3 for the 3 devices I had Codebook installed on. I finally resolved by forcing overwrites on 2 of the 3 devices. My iphone then stopped getting changes when I kicked off a sync. I forced an overwrite from device to repository and this resolved it.

My concerns with these issues is that had I started my migration from Wallet and after a lot of work, had to overwrite my work… I’d be grumpy. I couldn’t find any references here on duplicates, which wasn’t wonderful.


Hello @TheMadCow I apologize for the delayed response. This isn’t something that we’ve seen in the past. Were there multiple imports of data into the software over time? If so, that could result in duplicates if records were important more than once. Since this sounds like a specific issue, please feel free to contact us at if you are still having trouble, we’d be happy to provide any assistance we can…

Apparently, nuking my test database and starting fresh resolved the problem. It’s been operating fine since.