Dropbox Synchronization

Is there a setting to determine which device is used as the master for dropbox synch? I use Codebook on 4 different devices. when i synch does that devise overwrite dropbox or does one device create the master?

Hello @michaelste

There are 3 different synchronization operations:

  • Sync: bidirectional exchange of data with remote (Dropbox in your case) and the local database
  • Overwrite: Replace data on remote (Dropbox) database with local database
  • Restore: Replace local database with database from remote (Dropbox)

Most people utilize the Sync option. In that scenario, any changes on the remote (Dropbox) that are not present on the local device/machine are replicated locally, and any local changes not present on the remote are replicated out to Dropbox. Thus, in your case, if you have changes on one device, you will need to perform a sync with all other devices as we to replicate that change to those individual devices.

Understood but what is not clear is that if I synchronized from my phone and have changed information and then synch from my laptop, which has different information (password change maybe), which information is synched?

Hi @michaelste

All changes (additions, modifications, deletions) between the remote and the local are replicated with a sync.

Are you referring to your master password for Codebook, or a password belonging to an entry within Codebook?

A password in an entry. Suppose I change the password in Codebook on my phone and synch from my phone to Dropbox. When I synch from my laptop or desktop or iPad which password has priority? Why wouldn’t the synch just go to the password on the laptop, which was not yet changed?
Am I being clear? Doesn’t there have to be one priority device that is the ‘Mother’?

I change my account password on my phone in Codebook from 1234 to 4321 and synch. Now Dropbox has 4321. My desktop still has 1234. When I synch from my desktop, which password gets priority?


Sync attempts to be a smart as possible by preserving all your database additions/deletions. If there is a conflict, it gives the most recent adjustment priority.

So in your example, if all your devices were in sync and you changed a field from 1234 to 4321 on your iPhone, then synced to Dropbox, the Dropbox copy would now have 4321. If you then synced your laptop with Dropbox, the local copy of your field on your laptop would be updated to the more recent change (4321).

Similar situation let’s say all your devices are in sync and you change a field on from 1234 to 4321 on your iPhone, now you change that same field from 1234 to 5678 on your laptop (after the iPhone change).

If you then sync your iPhone with Dropbox, Dropbox will get the updated 4321.
But now if you sync your laptop with Dropbox the local copy of the field on your laptop won’t be replaced because your local changes is newer, and now your Dropbox copy will have the newer value from your laptop (5678).
Then once you sync your iPhone with Dropbox again, the 4321 local value (on your iPhone) will be replaced with the 5678 (from the replica in Dropbox) because that modification was newer.

Hope this clears things up. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks!


Thank you. That answers it