Changes on New iOS Device Not Being Synced

Here’s a pretty common problem: a customer has an iPhone with STRIP on it (or maybe an iPad). Then she gets a new iPad mini for her birthday. On initial setup of the new device she chooses to restore her apps and data and everything else in iCloud from her iPhone. This includes STRIP and her encrypted data, which is great!

What’s not so great is that now she has two STRIP databases that both share the same sync replica ID, which needs to be unique. This means that changes from either device don’t look like they need to be applied on sync. In some scenarios it can cause a crash.

1a. Reset STRIP on the new device

Delete and reinstall STRIP on the new device (the new iPad mini in the scenario above.) This will cause any data stored in STRIP on that device to be deleted, so if you have un-synced changes on that device those will be lost; pause here and get in touch if that’s the case, we’ll help you figure out the best way to backup/save/export that data.

1b. Reset any cloud sync replica

If you are syncing with Google Drive or Dropbox, go into the Zetetic folder on the service and move the file strip.db out of the way. Then perform a basic sync from your original device against the service so that it is recreated. If you are syncing over WiFi just ignore this.

2. Restore data via sync on the new device

Use STRIP’s sync feature on the new device to perform a Restore sync:

  1. Launch STRIP and login if locked
  2. Tap on the Sync icon at the bottom of the screen to bring up the Sync view
  3. Tap on Operation and set it to Restore
  4. Tap on Mode to select your preferred sync method (i.e. Dropbox, Desktop WiFi, Google Drive)
  5. Tap on the Start button to start the restore

Now that the database has been initialized anew, changes should flow on future syncs without issue.

We are working on a technical fix for this issue to obviate the need for this work-around in the future.