Syncing to iPhone from an iPod


Hi There, i have been using this app with my iPod and mac, I just recently bought an iPhone and loaded the app to it but none of my data was loaded in the app. it is still all on my iPod can anyone help me to get this data in my app on the iPhone Thank you,


Hi @igoinn, sorry that we seem to have missed this post. You’ll want to install STRIP on your iPhone and sync your data over. To install STRIP on the new iPhone:

  • Launch the App Store app on your iPhone
  • Select the Updates tab
  • At the top of the Updates view select Purchased
  • At the top of the Purchased apps list, select “Not on This iPhone”
  • Scroll through the list to STRIP
  • Tap on the download button to install the app
  • Once installed, launch STRIP and set the same master password you use in STRIP on your iPod

Next, launch STRIP on your iPad:

  • Sign in, and tap on the Sync tab
  • On the Sync view tap on Mode and choose Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Tap on the Account row to sign in to the chosen cloud service
  • Tap on the Start button to start a sync

Once that’s complete, go back to STRIP on your iPhone and do the same on the Sync tab—your records from your iPod will be copied to your iPhone.

If you don’t wish to use Google Drive or Dropbox for sync you could use Desktop WiFi, however this requires STRIP for OS X or STRIP for Windows (sold separately). More information is available about Sync in STRIP.