Migrating Strip from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6


I recently upgraded my iPhone 5 to iPhone 6. I bought Strip with my iPhone 5. I restored my iPhone to factory settings after I got my iPhone 6. I downloaded Strip from my iCloud account. I tried to enter my password and Strip did not recognize it on on my iPhone 6. (I have my Strip backup on my iMac.) What are my options?

Thank you


Hi @jeffyoung2015, sorry to hear about the trouble. Sometimes the initial restore of all apps and associated data doesn’t take and an additional restore from your most recent backup in iCloud should do the trick.

In addition, if you have STRIP with all your records on your Mac, you can do a restore sync from STRIP on your iPhone to have that data copied over. One way you could do this:

  • Launch STRIP on your Mac and sign in
  • Open STRIP menu and select Preferences, then the Sync tab
  • Check that Sync is enabled and WiFi is selected
  • Keep STRIP on your Mac open and signed in, and switch over to your iPhone 6
  • Launch STRIP on your iPhone 6 and sign in
  • Tap on the Sync view
  • Set Operation to Restore
  • Set Mode to WiFi
  • Tap on Computer and you should see your desktop in the list, tap on it
  • Tap on the Start button at the top of the Sync view

That should perform a restore over WiFi. Other sync methods are available as well, Dropbox and Google Drive. We have a Getting Started guide for Sync that describes these features as well as WiFi sync.

Please let us know if that helps!


Thank you for the response. All of this makes sense. The only other issue I
am having is when I try to enter my password on my iPhone 6 it is telling
me I have a invalid password. I have deleted Strip from my old iPhone 5.
So there is only the one copy.

Let me know if you need further explanation.

Thank you


Hm, password invalid and you’re not able to login anymore, or is STRIP displaying that error message inappropriately?

If the former, perhaps we need to reset the app. If the latter, it’s probably due to a bug that’s fixed in the coming update, 2.5.1.


I did the instructions to “reset the app”. I am still getting the same problem that the password is invalid. Please let me know what I need to do next?

Thank you