Wifi sync issue

I am having difficulty getting wifi sync to work. I am running Windows 7 and have updated Strip Desktop to I have an iPhone 6 plus running the latest version of ios (8.1.2). I have followed all of the suggestions and troubleshooting in these threads: Troubleshooting WiFi Sync, Changes on New iOS Device Not Being Synced. I use iTunes regularly and the Bonjour service is running, my laptop and phone are on the same network, and I have forwarded port 57419.

On the Strip Desktop program the sync option is greyed out at the top and it says “listener stopped cancelled” in the bottom left of the application.

Please help. I need to be able to sync my passwords between these devices.

I have also ensured that Strip is allowed through the windows firewall.

Sorry for the confusion. I restarted my computer and everything is working as it should now.

Hi @Chum

Thanks for getting back to us, we are glad to hear that everything is working well for you. Take care!