Syncing with changed password (Dropbox)

I have changed my password on iPhone and iPad but can no longer sync them through Dropbox. Any ideas?
Thanks - NT

Hi @ntebbs, sorry about that. After you change the password on your devices they become incompatible for syncing with the encrypted replica stored in your Dropbox account. To fix this we just move it out of the way and a fresh one will be created on a new sync from either device.

  1. Open your Dropbox folder
  2. Navigate to the Zetetic folder
  3. Rename or delete the file strip.db
  4. Sync with Dropbox from your iPhone and iPad to confirm everything is back in order

Please let us know if that helps!

Thanks for the quick reply. This worked very well. I guessed that I might need to delete the Dropbox file but did not want to screw things up in the event that I was wrong. I hope this info helps others. Thanks again.
Nick Tebbs

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