Sync on iPhone to Dropbox freezes

Could not find anything on the support site. I was able to sync my iPhone Codebook with my Dropbox account but now it fails. It freezes during the sync at 80%. I have rebooted the iPhone, etc. but to no avail.

Please advise…

Hi @alalani

Thank you for your support of Codebook and for posting on the discussion forum.

Could you let me know which devices you use Codebook on and you’re syncing with Dropbox?

If you’re only syncing your iPhone with Dropbox, probably the easiest thing to try would be to perform an “Overwrite” operation one time to replace your encrypted database in Dropbox with your local encrypted database on your iPhone.

Could you also log into your Dropbox account through a web browser and verify that there’s only one strip.db file in the Zetetic folder on Dropbox.

Do you have adequate space in your Dropbox account?

What’s the size of your database listed under [More] > Settings > Database Info?

If you’d prefer to further troubleshoot this privately, please feel free to email our support at and we’ll be happy to assist.



Hello, my friend, I am not sure whether this post can help you, but it is telling about how to fix iPhone freezes. really hope that can help you.