Lost (disappeared) data: complete rows of data are gone - in all entries, always the same row

I have this problem:

In all entries and always the same row there (which contains a password/PIN) that complete row disappeared (that means the label and the data).

All labels were named by myself.

The problem appeared suddenly as the software worked well before for months (version 2.1.1 on Mac OSX 10.7.5, no update - neither Strip nor OSX - but update of iPhone to IOS 8/8.1.1 (with that iPhone I carry out synchronization via WLAN)).

What should I do? Can I get the gone data back?

Another question: How can I change the order of the labels within an entry (it seems they always appear in order of their creation which I would like to change)?

Meanwhile I found the reason for this problem. I restored the database on my macbook from an older backup version of Strip. So far so good. After that I started a sync with my iPhone - and then the problem was back - on both the mac and on the iPhone (I did not change any setting - the iPhone got the data from the mac as at many times before (Mac overwrites
iPhone)). The only solution to get the whole data back was to restore the data on the iPhone. I wonder whether the problems appears again after the next sync (I had no time for that until now).

Hi @drz, sorry you haven’t had a reply from us yet. Could you try updating to the latest version of STRIP on both your Mac and your iPhone? The last couple of versions are sync compatible with the latest versions, but I don’t think 2.1.1 on the Mac is sync compatible with the latest version of STRIP on iOS. That said, I’m not entirely sure this problem is related to sync as much as it might be an issue with an older version of the iOS app running on the latest iOS. Could you give the apps an update and let us know how it goes? The latest version of STRIP for OS X supports 10.7 Mountain Lion, so I don’t think you should run into any compatibility issues there. Thanks!

Hi wgray, if updating the app on my mac I get the message “You´re up-to-date! STRIP 2.1.1 is currently the newest version available.” On the iPhone version 2.4.3 is installed and no further update is offered. As written before: if I choose “restore” on the iPhone the sync works. If I choose “normal” sync, both databases (on mac and iPhone" show the mistake as described.

Hi @drz, I’m sorry we haven’t gotten back to you on this, but it’s something I haven’t yet been able to reproduce. As to the version of STRIP for OS X, 2.1.1 is a maintenance branch for folks who couldn’t upgrade to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, the current minimum version of OS X we support. There are no updates to 2.1.1 at the moment, and while it’s possible that STRIP for OS X is somehow the culprit, it sounds more like a bug in the iOS app now that you are running the latest version of iOS. We have a new version of STRIP for iOS waiting for review from Apple now with better support for iOS 8. Once that update is available I’d be curious to see if the problem you describe remains.

Another question about your problem: these labels that you created yourself—is masking enabled for these labels? If so and you disable masking, does the problem remain?


Hi @wgray,

After updating strip für iOS at a first view the problem seems to be gone.

For those labels: masking is disabled.

Kind regards

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rows of data are gone - in all entries, always the same row