Passwords Hidden or Masked on Display

I can’t see my passwords, they’re all dots, how do I fix that?

Password masking is a feature in Codebook that temporarily hides your more sensitive data fields from on-lookers. You can easily turn it off! And on, for any field type either on display in a record or by default for that type of field.

On Windows and Mac, right-click (or control-click) on any field for a show/hide option:

Alternatively, click the Flashlight icon in the toolbar to reveal or hide all masked fields at once (⇧+⌘+M):

On iOS, tap on a masked field to reveal the contents:

On Android, tap and hold on a field to show the action menu with an option to Reveal or Hide the selected field.

To set masking defaults for all fields in your database there is a Customize Labels view in each version of Codebook that allows you to turn masking on or off for all fields of a certain type, say “Password” or “Social Security.”

On Android and iOS, visit the Settings view inside Codebook, select Customize Labels, and choose the label you wish to adjust:

On Windows and Mac, Launch Codebook, sign in, and go to the File menu → Customize Labels:

Masking settings for your fields are persistent and synced with other changes to your database—these are your labels, they can be anything you like!

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