Changing field names in iOS

I like to maintain the previous two passwords in codebook whenever I change the password for any site. This is trivial in the Windows app since I can just use the dropdown for the field name label and change it from “password” to "previous password or “previous password” to “next previous password”, then drag the field to the appropriate position in the entry. On iOS, this is much more painful: I have to copy each password and paste it to its next state, adding fields as required.

My question is: am I missing something? The labels are blue which, if intended to be programmed like the iOS contacts app, should mean a long press would give me options for that field name. It doesn’t though: touching anywhere on that line while editing takes me to the field value editor. If there is some secret handshake or something that allows me to change the field name in an entry in the iOS app, I’d really appreciate someone telling me.

If there is no method to edit the field names in an existing record in the iOS app, can that functionality be considered for a future update?


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Hi @pbabcock

Thank you for your continued feedback on Codebook, we do appreciate it! We plan to talk about this internally, I can certainly see the value in that adjustment. We’ll keep you posted!

Hi @pbabcock

I wanted to let you know that Codebook for iOS just released a new version which supports a long press when in the entry editor allowing you to change labels. We plan to include a similar feature within Codebook for Android in the next release. Thanks!