Feature request: Secrets History

When I go to change my password for a particular service, I usually go to Codebook to generate a new password. The way I usually do this is by creating a new password field to generate the new password but keeping the old password around in case the new password fails and I need the old one back.

It would be super handy to have “versioned” or “history” for each password field to keep last 2+ passwords in case something happens and need to go back to an earlier password.


Hi @jhedlund

Thanks for using Codebook and posting to the discussion forum with this feature request. We feel like this could be a handy feature and will discuss including it internally, although it most likely won’t be revisited until after we complete work on our next major version of Codebook, Codebook 4.

I do have one other suggestion that you could utilize in the interim:

  1. Create a custom label by going to File > Customize Labels and name it “Old Password”
  2. Set it as mode “Password” and check “Mask on display”.
  3. When changing the password on an entry, add a new stadard “Password” field to hold your new (changed) password, and adjust the previous password to the label “Old Password”.

Here’s an example of it in action:


I’m doing it the way @mmoore mentions, but +1 from me on having it as a feature.