Lost (disappeared) data: complete rows of data are gone - in all entries, always the same row

Hi @drz, I’m sorry we haven’t gotten back to you on this, but it’s something I haven’t yet been able to reproduce. As to the version of STRIP for OS X, 2.1.1 is a maintenance branch for folks who couldn’t upgrade to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, the current minimum version of OS X we support. There are no updates to 2.1.1 at the moment, and while it’s possible that STRIP for OS X is somehow the culprit, it sounds more like a bug in the iOS app now that you are running the latest version of iOS. We have a new version of STRIP for iOS waiting for review from Apple now with better support for iOS 8. Once that update is available I’d be curious to see if the problem you describe remains.

Another question about your problem: these labels that you created yourself—is masking enabled for these labels? If so and you disable masking, does the problem remain?