Can not copy and paste entries in iphone app

Strip works perfectly well in my macbook pro and ipad. But in my iphone when i try to paste an entry after copying, either just shuts down the app or it does not paste and i get the same page and the app just locks.
I tried to delete the app and install again the same thing happened even before i sync with my own data. I just can not copy and paste even the sample entries. The app crashes when i try to copy and paste.
Thank you inadvance for your help.
There is no error code or log to send you the app just stops responding.
ios version 8.1 and app version 2.4.3 (265)

@veryeri Hi, really sorry to hear about the trouble! I’m having trouble reproducing this problem on our devices using the latest version, on either iOS 7.0 or iOS 8.1. Is there a set of specific steps we should perform after logging in to STRIP to cause the app to hang?