Do I need to build OpenSSL myself with v4.4.1?

I am using the community edition android-database-sqlcipher to encrypt the DB in my Android application. In the process, I noticed that OpenSSL is not included in v4.4.1 and later.

In v4.4.0, the external directory contains the OpenSSL source code.
In v4.4.1, the external directory itself is missing.

When using v4.4.1 or later versions, do I have to use the make command as described below?

I especially want to make sure that if I don’t use make command, will the DB be encrypted?

Hi @MinaK,

You will need to provide your own build of OpenSSL to link against when building versions of android-database-sqlcipher, or preferably sqlcipher-android as android-database-sqlcipher has been deprecated. A Makefile is used for orchestrating some of the build. Do you have a specific need to build the library yourself?

Thank you for your answer.

Do I need to build it myself if I include the implementation “net.zetetic:android-database-sqlcipher:4.4.1” in build.gradle? In other words, can I skip the step of using this make command?

If so, how do I find out what version of OpenSSL is being used in community edition?

Hi @MinaK,

The Community distribution of android-database-sqlcipher would include the OpenSSL libraries. Please note that android-database-sqlcipher has been deprecated in favor of sqlcipher-android.