Error message when synchronizing

I have been able to synch with my laptop previously. Today, I got the following error message:

ditto_replicate error processing inserts from changelog

How do I resolve this issue?

Many thanks

Hi @PremPOd

Thank you for using Codebook and posting to the discussion forum, although I’m sorry to hear about the ditto_replicate sync error.

I have a couple of questions which should help determine how to proceed.

  1. Is one of your devices most up-to-date (i.e. has all the most recent changes you’ve made to your Codebook data on it)? If so, which device?
  2. What devices do you use Codebook on?
  3. What sync method are you using (Google Drive, Dropbox, WiFi)?

Sorry for the delay

See below

I did an integrity check on the Phone version which is the most up to date. It said there were some issues – I tried to screen shot but it closed the programme – when I went back in it said there
were no issues.

As a result, I tried the synchronisation again and I got a message saying the operation could not be completed. Socket is not connected.

What does that mean?

Trevor D Prior



Thanks for the response and sorry to hear about the continued troubles.

The Socket issue sounds like your WiFi connection for syncing may need to be reestablished. Could you try restarting your wireless router and your devices then reselecting your computer name and attempting to sync again.

If you still receive the ditto_replicate issue after this, these are the steps I’d recommend:

  1. Export your current Windows database to a CSV or TXT file through the File > Export Database menu.
  2. On your iPhone visit the sync view, set the operation to “Overwrite” and perform an overwrite operation to place your current windows Codebook data with what’s present on your iPhone.
  3. Make a test change on each device and then perform a standard “Sync” operation and ensure that the sync completes properly (without the ditto_replicate issue).
  4. Open the CSV/TXT file you exported in step 1 and compare it to the data currently present in Codebook for Windows (that we overwrote in step 2). As long as it looks like there are no additional changes from the CSV/TXT that weren’t present on your iPhone Codebook data, then you can delete the CSV/TXT file. Otherwise, add in the missing changes then delete the CSV/TXT file.

Let me know if this allows you to get back up and running with sync again. Thanks!