Sync probmels Codebook with Dropbox


Since update from Strip to Codebook on my Mac I can’t sync my data no more:

I get this Information:

A database error occurred, sync cannot continue. Your data has not been altered. Error: ditto_replicate error appending unseen changelog recorts to ditto_log INSERT INTO ditto_log SELECT l.* FROM %s.ditto_log l INNER JOIN ditto_reps r ON (l.rep_id = r.rep_id AND l.csn > r.csn); (err 11, ext 11, msg database disk image is malformed)

Any ideas?



Solved it:
Restore data from Iphone,
restore from Dropbox
now, it works again.


Hello @contecom

Thanks for getting back to us, we are glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue. Would you mind running an integrity check on your database and letting us know the results? You can run this from the File menu on the desktop instances of Codebook.