Error trying to transfer over KeePassXC

Getting this Error when trying to import my Keepass export.

Error Domain=ImportServiceErrorDomain Code=1 “Format error reading import data” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Format error reading import data, NSLocalizedFailureReason=Header row should have 5 columns not 11}

Hi @Ian_Grant

Thanks for trying out Codebook and sorry for the trouble importing from KeepassXC.

I just took a look at the export format from KeepassXC and it does appear different than what we’re expecting for importing into Codebook (hence the error message you received). I’m not sure at this point whether the format has changed recently or whether it differs between Keepass vs KeepassXC. We’ll look it further.

In the mean time. I’d like to provide you with steps to manually modify your CSV to allow direct import into Codebook using the standard CSV import format:

  1. Open the KeepassXC CSV in Numbers
  2. Change the Group column header to Category
  3. Change the Title column header to Entry
  4. Delete the Icon column
  5. File > Export To > CSV and save it somewhere (like your Desktop).
  6. Within Codebook, File > Import > Import CSV and select the modified CSV you exported in step 5.

Let me know if that allows you to import your KeepassXC data into Codebook. Thanks!

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Thank you - I was able to use the CSV upload and it worked.


Excellent. Glad I could help.

Just a further update after our investigation:

  • There is differing export format between Keepass (tested with Windows installation) and KeepassXC (test with macOS installation).
  • I’ve added a task to our internal tracking system to add in support for importing directly from KeepassXC export format into Codebook for macOS.

Please feel free to post to the discussion forum or write us at if you have any further questions, issues, or feedback. Thanks!