Importing data from Lastpass


Trying to import data from export following instructions found here:

But the exported data from LastPass is not in csv form. Are there newer instructions?



Hi @alabamabluesfan

I just re-tested the Last Pass export (More Options → Advanced → Export → LastPass CSV File) using a Windows computer and it appears that it generates the CSV as an HTML document. All you should have to do from there is open Notepad (or some text editing program), copy and paste the content from the HTML page, rename the “name” column → Entry and the “grouping” column → Category as outlined in the post you referenced. Then save it with the .CSV extension and you should be able to import it fine into Codebook.

Could you let me know if you’re able to import your data into Codebook following these instructions, and if not what platform you’re using.



I’m getting the following error: “Category value missing on line 56”



The category column is required to have a value for each row of the CSV. Could you try opening the Last Pass CSV in an editing program like Excel or Numbers and check to see if the “Category” value is missing from line 56? While you’re in there, you can ensure that every other row has a value for the “Category” column.

Let me know if this resolves the import issue for you.