Transferring from LastPass


I have been using both Codebook and LastPass. I am contemplating switching solely to CodeBook. How should I go about combining my data?


Hello @lwetzel

Thank you for reaching out and your continued interest in Codebook, my apologies for the late reply. There are a few options for moving from LastPass to Codebook, depending on the platform you are running Codebook on.

In our latest beta of Codebook for macOS, we have added an import facility which is able to read the LastPass CSV export directly. You can export your data from LastPass using these instructions.

Codebook for Windows does not currently offer an import facility that will parse the LastPass export directly. Instead, on Windows you would need to capture the export from LastPass (as above), then format the CSV file to match our import requirements detailed here. From our experience, the translation isn’t particularly difficult, but LastPass doesn’t always force unique headers, so you may end up with duplicates that would need to be addressed before importing into Codebook for Windows.

If you have any specific questions about the import process, or run into any issues along the way we would be happy to help. Please let us know!


I am worried that the import will overwrite the data I have in Codebook at present. I keep information in Codebook that I do not want out on the internet in LastPass (bank account info and etc.) Should I just make a backup in Codebook and then import so that if anything goes wrong I can go back? This is what I am worried about. I have used Codebook (STRIP) since my Palm Pilot days and have never regretted it. The only reason I was using LastPass was the ease of logging into web pages. I have had problems off and on with the Secret Agent working with Microsoft Edge. It seems to be working now during my testing so I am more amenable to just moving to Codebook.

Thanks for your reply and help.


Hello @lwetzel

The import process does not delete previous records, however we would recommend that you create a backup of your data prior to performing an import process should you need to restore to a previous state. Codebook for Windows allows you to create a local backup from the File → Database Information menu, then click on Backups. Alternatively, you could manually make a copy of the strip.db file located in the %APPDATA%\Zetetic LLC\Strip directory.

As an aside, you can also create an unecrypted export of your data in either CSV or simplified text format (easier to read) from the File → Export All menu.

Again, please let us know if you run into any issues.


Are there templates in place for reading all of the other wallets out there? This would be a nice selling point for users coming over.


Hi @TheMadCow

Are there templates in place for reading all of the other wallets out there? This would be a nice selling point for users coming over.

We have integrated a direct import process with Codebook for macOS for certain common alternative password managers, however this is not something currently available within Codebook for Windows. Within Codebook for Windows you would need to provide a CSV based on our format documentation to import existing data.



The next version of Codebook for macOS will add a few additional import capabilities (in addition to the ones that currently exist), specifically:

Support for importing Keeper, LastPass, and 1Password CSV export files directly

If you think you’d ever be interested in beta testing new versions of Codebook before they come out, feel free to reach out to us at or shoot me a pm here on discuss. Thanks!