Field dropdown not rendered

I’m using codebook for windows on windows 11. Sometimes when I need to edit or add an entry the field type dropdown does not render. I can change the value using the keyboard by focusing the text input and using shift+tab followed by up and down arrows.

I found that I can terminate codebook.exe and restart it one or two times and the problem will be resolved.

This additional symptom may be related or simply coincidental:
I leave my computer on and idle throughout the day. Sometimes when I revisit my computer there are multiple codebook icons in the system tray. Mousing over one will cause it to disappear. But I often find that when I want to restart codebook to resolve the dropdown issue, when I right click the remaining icon I am not presented with the context menu that contains Exit Codebook. I can still double click it to open codebook. When this happens I must terminate the codebook.exe process in the task manager.

Hello @evan2048,

Thank you for your report, we are investigating this issue. One question: does this behavior ever occur when Windows has not locked previously, or does it always occur for you after returning from unlocking Windows which was previously running?