Unable to see menu items

I am running Codebook 4.5.1 (update occurred automatically a few days ago) on Windows 11. I just noticed menu dropdowns will not appear with any mouse clicks and “right-click” on any field entry does not show options (e.g., view/copy/paste).

Just FYI as a data point for development folks, I cannot duplicate your problem – running Codebook recently patch-updated in Windows 11 Home 21H2 build 22000.652 on a HP Spectre x360 Convertible 15-eb0xxx. I tried both Codebook and Secret Agent invocations, and also used the trackpad version of right click (2 finger tap) and Logitech mouse left and right clicks.

Hi @jcwin

I’m sorry to hear about the recent troubles. Would you mind confirming you have Codebook for Windows 4.5.10 installed? It may be worth rebooting your PC to rule out any OS glitch. Would you check to see if you have any Windows updates to install? If so, would you install those?

Hi @Dan_Danz

Thank you for the confirmation that the menus are activating for you properly on Windows 11.

Thank you the feedback - update to Windows rectified the issue

Hi @jcwin

Excellent, we are happy to hear Codebook for Windows is working properly again for you! Can you confirm, did you need to update Codebook for Windows to 4.5.10 for the fix, or did you have Windows operating system updates to install?


It was just a Windows operating system update (windows11 Home 21H2 OS Build.22000.652) that I needed to do. I already had Codebook on my machine (Asus zenbook).

Thank you again.


Hi @jcwin

Thanks for the update, again, glad everything is working smoothly again!