OSX - Menu items are greyed out

I’m using Codebook 4.5.6 on a MacBook Pro running Big Sur. The only menu bar items that are not greyed out are import and export under the file menu. I’ve deleted Codebook, rebooted and reinstalled with no success. View license does show that I have a license. I do have a couple of other Mac computers, but not more than the 5 that are allowed under the license.

Hello @ryrrah, thanks for using Codebook for macOS, and sorry to hear about the trouble!

Quite a few of the menu bar items are unavailable while Codebook is locked. Some of these are perhaps disabled a little more aggressively than they need to be (for instance, I suppose we don’t need to require login to access Check For Updates).

When the File menu items are all disabled for you – are you logged in at that point, and does logging in change that? If not there’s some kind of bug at work here, and we will want to fix that quickly.

Hi @ryrrah,

One more thing–your report sounds like it is related to another issue reported about yesterday’s update. Thus, I was wondering if you could try capturing some system logs for us while the application is launching, as there might be more information there about what’s going wrong:

  1. If Codebook is running already, Quit the app
  2. Launch the Console app
  3. Click the Start button so that system log messages start streaming in the Console app
  4. Launch Codebook and wait for the window to come up
  5. Click the Stop button in the Console app
  6. Select All and Copy the log messages in Console and send them in an email to us at support@zetetic.net (don’t post log messages here, they should not but may contain sensitive information)

Thank you!