Flagging/Tagging Posts

It would be nice if there were a way to tag/flag a post as solved. In particular for both the issues subcategories for STRIP and SQLCipher. Maybe the solution is to create a Solved subcategory for each category (i.e., STRIP and SQLCipher) and we then just move it over once the issue has been addressed? Thoughts?

Maybe add “[SOLVED]” to the title of posts? eg “[SOLVED] Flagging/Tagging Posts”

Some online forums do it this way, and it seems effective. :smile:

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I like marking them as [SOLVED] in the title, but I haven’t done it consistently, as I don’t quite see our Issues category as a list of outstanding problems. That the service tends to float more active tickets to the top of listings makes this work for me.

OTOH, if tickets are flagged as solved explicitly in some way, then you have a list of tickets that may not have been addressed, making it easier to ensure no posts have been missed. I have missed tickets on here from time to time, but just figured I needed to do a better job of staying on top of new posts.

Discourse doesn’t provide us with a feature like this. I suspect it’s because they are focused on providing community discussion software and this would take them down the path of another kind of support product like Github Issues or our Zendesk service.