How to enable AES 256 Encryption for SQLCipher for Windows Universal App Platform?

Hi, I need help with WinRT’s SQLCipher (Commercial Edition). I want to enable AES 256 encryption.

However, the documentation only provides one example:

using SQLite.Net;
using SQLite.Net.Platform.SQLCipher.WinRT;
var key = "Password1!";
var databasePath = Path.Combine(ApplicationData.Current.LocalFolder.Path, "sqlcipher.db");
var connection = new SQLiteConnection(new SQLitePlatformWinRT(key), databasePath);
var result = connection.CreateTable<Note>();
public class Note {
public Note(){}
public string Id {get; set;}
public string Body {get; set;}

The example ended up with the following configuration:

PRAGMA kdf_iter = 64000;
PRAGMA cipher_page_size = 1024;
PRAGMA cipher_use_hmac = 1;
PRAGMA cipher_plaintext_header_size = 0;
PRAGMA cipher_hmac_algorithm = HMAC_SHA1;
PRAGMA cipher_kdf_algorithm = PBKDF2_HMAC_SHA1;

Hello @keitho since you are dealing with a commercial edition product, please contact us privately at to discuss this.