How to include SQLCipher into my C project?


I’m working on a little project written in C (I’m amateur)

I need to implement sqlte database encryption, and I decided to go with SQLCipher.

However I don’t quite understand how to include it in my C project.

With regular sqlite3 I just downloaded their amalgamation zip file which includes 4 files:

  • shell.c
  • sqlite3.c
  • sqlite3.h
  • sqlite3ext.h

I put them into a folder sqlite next to my project.c file.

I then linked to the header like that inside my C code: #include "sqlite/sqlite3.h".

Then I compile the program with gcc -o app app.c sqlite/sqlite3.c -lpthread

How can I replace my regular sqlite library with the SQLCipher library in the similar way?

I’m running windows 10, using Mingw-w64 GCC compiler and coding in VSCode.

Appreciate any help.