Installer Requests


Normally when I install Codebook, I only select one of the available sync options. I choose to unselect the other three options during installation.

Since Codebook updates so frequently, it’s starting to get tiresome for me to keep unselecting these options every time. Would you consider having your installer remember what options I chose last time, and (un)select those for me upon the next install?

Also, I would like to request that placing an icon on my desktop after install be optional. I always have to delete the icon every time, as I want a clean desktop. Similar to above, it would be nice if installing the icon was a selectable option, and that the installer would remember whether I do or don’t want that option, each time an install occurs.

Thanks for listening . :slight_smile:


Hi @ZipFoxtaur

Thank you for your feedback on Codebook for Windows. We will consider looking into these items for a future release. Thanks!