Sync options greyed out

Hi - on Windows, we installed Codebook, created a sync key, but we can’t select any sync option per the screenshot, as everything under “enable sync with:” is grayed out. What do we need to do to enable this and what is the cause so we can fix if it happens again?

Thanks in advance!

image (10)

Hi @rickcogley

The sync services are listed as checkbox items during the initial installation phase, allowing the user to opt-in/out of supported services. Would you run the Windows Add/Remove Programs feature and locate the Codebook installation item within the list? Next, either right-click or select from the 3 dots the menu option of Modify, this will take you through the maintenance screen for the Codebook for Windows installer. Please select Modify when prompted within the wizard. Clicking on the disk icon next to the various sync service options displayed below will allow you to install the requisite features available for Codebook for Windows. Would you give that a try when you get the opportunity?

Will do, thanks for the answer