Codebook Sync Options Disabled

I too am using Windows 4.5.12 and have been syncing with my Android but am no longer able to sync via wifi since 10/11. I wanted to go back to dropbox or even try the google drive option but both options are grayed out.

Hi @MSal0908

Do you receive an error message when attempting to sync over local WiFi, or is there another reason you are unable to sync over WiFi?

You should be able to enable the Google Drive or Dropbox feature within the Windows Add/Remove Programs screen. You Can locate Codebook for Windows from the list, select the Modify option which should launch the Codebook installer in maintenance mode. Select modify in the wizard, and make sure you opt to install the Google Drive support.

I will try enabling Google Drive, thank you. As for wifi sync, it just keeps turning but does not connect or sync.

Hi @MSal0908

We offer some troubleshooting instructions [1] for syncing over WiFi, as there can be various elements that can cause trouble. Would you also check that out?

  1. Codebook Help - Troubleshooting WiFi Sync ↩︎

Absolutely. Also, I received the following error when trying to add Google Drive sync.

I do have a 2018 version of the .msi file stored away, can I use that one.

Hi @MSal0908,

I have just sent you a DM containing the link to download the latest Codebook for Windows installer. Would you download it and try the repair again?

Thank you, I will though as I was going through the list of wifi sync troubleshooting you sent I was finally able to sync by using the IP address.

Hi @MSal0908

Excellent, that’s great news. It sounds as the mobile device is not able to see, or the desktop machine is somehow preventing the mDNS publishing used to advertise the sync service. If you have any anti-virus/firewall/VPN applications running, you might try temporarily disabling those to see if the behavior changes.

Will do, thankk you!