Integrating sqlcipher enterprise fips into yocto 4.0 build

We have recently purchased an enterprise license for SQLCipher Enterprise Linux - FIPS. I now need to integrate that into our Yocto-based Linux targets but I’m running into issues.

I have downloaded the entterprise Linux .zip package. I can successfully use the sqlite3.h and files in our SDK environment and manually deploy to our x86_64 embedded target. I have verified via LDD that has replaced in the target executable and that SQLcipher operations like ‘pragma key’ function as expected.

Now I am attempting to integrate the binary into our target yocto builds. I cannot find a pre-cooked bitbake recipe so I’ve created one myself. I’m now running into issues with sqlcipher conflicting with sqlite3 and I can’t seem to get past them. If I install both and the files, they both become linked in the application which is not what we want. However, if I attempt to replace sqlite3 with sqlcipher (via RPROVIDES:${PN} = “sqlite3 sqlite3-dev” in the bitbake recipe) my build fails.

If anyone can help, please reply. I can provide the sqlcipher recipe file as well as bitbake logs and error messages.

Hello @crballentine - Since you are using the specialized SQLCipher FIPS builds under the SQLCipher Enterprise program, would you mind reaching out to us at for private priority support? We’ll be better able to help you through that support avenue. When you email in please do provide the sqlcipher recipe file, bitbake logs, and error messages. Thank you!

Email sent. Hopefully this is a quick fix I’m just not seeing.