Internal Encryption mechanism and Library used in SQLCipher

Hi @AshokKasthuri

I am using Android studio and declared SQLCipher in dependencies and current size is 2.6 MB. What libraries it has internally ?

SQLCipher for Android utilizes SQLCipher internally, the community edition also includes OpenSSL for the crypto provider.

How the encryption is happening on both (KitKat and Nougat) ? Are the encryption libraries enclosed in above @aar file ? and what are they ? (EX : OPENSSL , Java Crypto provider)

You can read about the design of SQLCipher here, also, you can review the source of SQLCipher for Android here.

And for 1000 rows below are the statistics on “SQLLite” and “SQLCipher” , is it true ?

The will be a performance impact moving from standard SQLite, often 5-15% depending on the application. We have some performance guidance for using SQLCipher here.