IOS 16 Issues with Scrolling

Just upgraded to IOS 16 on my phone and my notes in Codebook won’t scroll. Please help!

Hi @stevenpcharles sorry about that, we’re looking into it right now.

So far what we’re seeing is that scrolling is working for a note in edit mode, but not otherwise – do you see that behavior as well?

Can you tell us the model of iPhone in use, and if you are on iOS version 16.0.1, a subsequent update to iOS 16.0?


I should qualify here: we’re seeing pretty inconsistent results, but something is definitely off. We’ll report back soon.

@stevenpcharles sorry for all the questions but we have one more: when you access your notes and see this behavior, can you tell us which “view” you are using, for example Recents, Journal, some category, etc? Thanks!

iPhone 8, IOS v16.0 (20A362)

It doesn’t matter which view. And it seems random. Sometime i can get it to scroll. Most of the time not.


Thanks for the further details. We were able to reproduce the issue relatively reliably with an iPhone 8 on iOS 16.0.

We’re working on a fix now and should have a beta version available for external testers in the near future. When it’s ready, would you be willing to try out the beta version and confirm it resolves the issue on your end? If so, would you please write us a (referencing this post) and we’ll provide you access to the beta (when available). Thanks!


I just wanted to follow up with you to let you know we’ve release Codebook for iOS 4.5.6: Codebook for iOS 4.5.6 Released - Note Scroll Bug Fixed which includes the fix for this. When you have the opportunity could you download the latest update and let us know if it properly resolves the issue on your end? Thanks!