iOS CoreData- Tracking persistent transaction history

We are planning to use SqlCipher to encrypt/decrypt the CoreData. per existing design of app, codebase is using Coredata persistent transaction history feature to track the changes made to persistent store.
Later app is using publisher subscriber model to propagate same changes (entity name) to UI layer so that UI layer can be updated.

Now the question is -
Since sqlcipher library encrypt the data & save it to persistent store, does it still provide the support for transaction history feature ?
(Use persistent history tracking to determine what changes have occurred in the store since the enabling of persistent history tracking.)

Hello @Anand - SQLCipher doesn’t natively support CoreData. It works through a third party Encrypted Core Data wrapper. It might be better to ask this question to that project.

Thank you very much sjlombardo for quick reply. I’ll check with them.