Move Strip licence from an iphone to another

Good morning, Just bought an iPhone 5s to remplace my old (hum !) iPhone 4. Of course I would like to reload my Dropbox strip.db backup on the 5s … But iTunes ask me to pay for a new licence of Strip 2.4.7. Can’t I move my IPhone 4 Strip app (which I purchase; not the lite version) to the 5s for free ? Regards. Martin

Hi @Martin_Masson, thanks so much for using STRIP and sorry for the trouble. If you had STRIP on your iPhone 4 it should be available to your Apple ID free of charge on your new iPhone.

Try the following:

  • Launch the App Store app on your new iPhone 5S
  • If/when prompted sign in with your Apple ID
  • Tap on the Updates view/tab
  • Tap on Purchased
  • Tap on “Not On This iPhone”

If you scroll down the list displayed there you should see STRIP. Is that not the case?

Hello wgray. I found the answer. I bought Strip with an old Apple id. I’am ok now. Thanks

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