STRIP for iOS 2.4.4 Released


Fresh and hot from the kitchen, STRIP for iOS 2.4.4 is available now in the iTunes App Store:

There is a hard-won bug fix in this release for customers on iOS 7, where the data view was being exposed in the iOS app-switcher interface. In addition, the app no longer runs in compatibility display mode on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, resolving some of the keyboard bugs there. We’ve included 3x images for iPhone 6 Plus devices for the database icons, and there are more refinements coming for Retina HD support. SQLCipher, the encrypted database engine, was updated to the latest and greatest. In addition to other minor bug fixes this version resolves a crasher when copying and pasting entry records in the app.

If you’re using the iPhone version of STRIP on the iPad you will still see the keyboard get all discombobulated. Tap on the 1x/2x button to cause the keyboard to be redrawn correctly. We’re still looking for a way to avoid this. One way would be to make the iPhone version universal, with the iPad interface included in it. That’s a big project! It’s on The List for 2015.

We slipped this update out yesterday, quietly, as we’re a bit paranoid about doing iTunes App Store releases and always wait to see if any issues become immediately apparent before getting the word out. So far so good. If you have any issues with the update, please post to Issues or write us at

Since it’s already in the (overwhelmingly positive, for which we are grateful) reviews for this version on the App Store: no, we didn’t include any features taking advantage of Touch ID in this version. It’s still on The List! We’ve been busy.

Thanks very much to our beta testers for this release, you were a big help! Feel free to reply to this post and raise your hand to be counted (stand up at your desk for a virtual round of applause!), we really appreciate it. The new TestFlight in iTunes Connect isn’t so bad. We no longer have much of a limit on the number of testers we can accept, nor do we need to go back and forth with you registering devices and rebuilding binaries for your new iPhone iNfinity. All we need is your email address! Which we don’t give out. So if you’re reading this and you’d like to test the next version of STRIP, or you’d like to resume testing now that it’s not such a nuisance, please let us know.

Stay tuned for updates on STRIP for Windows and STRIP for OS X, we’ve got some really nice improvements on the way.



  • STRIP for Windows 2.5 is out now! Just launch the app to be offered the opportunity to upgrade.

  • STRIP for OS X 2.4.3 has entered the external beta testing phase in preparation for release.