STRIP for OS X 2.5.0 Released


STRIP for OS X 2.5.0 is now available, including significant improvements, an oft-requested new feature, and support for trial usage (14-day free trial if you download it directly from us).

Thanks very much to our beta testers who patiently tried build after build while we worked to get everything just right and fix nuisance bugs!

The most immediately obvious change is that the login sheet dialog is gone and replaced with a proper login view on the main application window. In addition, the HUD panel style of certain windows (like Secret Agent) has been dropped, making things look a lot nicer.

As to the new feature: auto-suggest is here! When you’re creating a new record, for instance, and you want to add that email address you are always using, just start typing it an Email field and STRIP will serve it up as an auto-complete suggestion. Nice and DRY.

*Note: “d347hW1$h” is just a joke, not a good password!

Changes in this release:

  • New auto-suggest feature for frequently used values
  • New, improved login experience, no more modal sheet dialog
  • Improved window handling for main window
  • Fixes use of Secret Agent with modal dialogs
  • Improves Tab key navigation of main window
  • Fixes up “New Feature Tour” window handling
  • Fixes various memory leaks
  • Fixes issue with Secret Agent hot key becoming unbound
  • Improves Create New Label and Secret Agent window style/theme
  • Updates Create New Label window to include a switch to enable masking
  • Updates support options under Help menu
  • Auto-lock now runs continuously after application lock for locking Secret Agent
  • Various fixes to Local Folder sync
  • Includes new 14-day free trial (direct build only, not available in Mac App Store)

You can download or update to STRIP for OS X 2.5.0 now by requesting a free trial or by choosing STRIP menu -> “Check for Updates” from the direct build if you already purchased STRIP from Zetetic.

Version 2.5.0 should be available soon in the Mac App Store, we’re currently awaiting approval for release.

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Any way we can have a option for turning off auto suggest?
When typing IP numbers for example it’s really a issue and honestly it never helps me.
Having it as a option would allow others that enjoy it to use it but that way it’s a option.


@nick Sorry to miss your post—we recently updated the URL that STRIP for OS X checks for updates, and the redirect for the old URL doesn’t seem to work on some systems. Grab the latest here and you should be good to go from here on out.


Hi @redrubicon07, sorry for the trouble and thanks for letting us know. We’ve held off on making it a preference in hopes that we could get it right, but this looks like an exception, because when you hit the . key while the suggestion is showing the field editor accepts the suggestion rather than interpreting it as “I’m still typing in order to enter something else,” like so:

We’ll discuss how we can handle this better (and/or whether to make auto-suggest a preference).


Apparently @ is a auto complete for email? typing in a email address when you hit @ it auto complete’s. This is great if it’s the email you want bad if it’s not. – again I prefer a option to turn it off.


Hi @redrubicon07, thanks for the heads-up. Looks like punctuation characters in general are an issue here. I’m still undecided about the best way to fix it, but we’ll be coming back to this soon. We may release a preference to toggle the feature in order to reduce the nuisance in the meantime.