STRIP for OS X 2.4.2 Released

Just a quick announcement here that we’re releasing 2.4.2 of STRIP for OS X to address some issues introduced in 2.4.0 alongside the new Secret Agent feature and other bugs. Main highlights: we added a keyboard shortcut preference for Secret Agent so you can set what you like (the default of shift+command+\ doesn’t work on many keyboards turns out), and we restored the old height of the rows in the Categories and Entries list.

Changes in this version:

  • New keyboard shortcut preference added for Secret Agent on the Preferences window
  • Changes keyboard shortcut for Lock to shift+command+L
  • Adjusts tab control loop on main window
  • Switches height of categories and entries lists back to system default by popular demand
  • Fixes various memory leaks
  • Ensures New Feature Tour window is visible on smaller screens and resizable
  • Updates Secret Agent to allow for use in full screen apps