STRIP for OS X 2.5.2 Released


This morning we’re releasing STRIP for OS X 2.5.2 in the Mac App Store and our direct distribution channel. This is a minor maintenance release with improvements to product stability and some bug fixes:

  • More fixes to Local Folder Sync, now it works with both locally shared folders and SMB mounted folders
  • Fixes occasional crashes on lock
  • Fixes to a bug that would cause the Secret Agent hot key to get whacked
  • Other minor adjustments

It may take a little bit for updates to propagate through the Mac App Store, if you don’t see the update right away you should soon. If you bought STRIP directly from Zetetic and not the Mac App Store you can download the update here.


The strip update is working fine, thank you :smile:


Where did you get the update? There is nothing on my App store update section.


the link in the text of w gray last line download ist


You should see the update in the Mac App Store, here’s a link to the page:

Click the “View in Mac App Store” button on that page to open up the App Store app on your Mac and get the update. Please let us know if that helps!


I thought that we’re taking about the iOS update with Touch ID functionality. I’m hardly waiting for it. (Sorry for the mistake)