Moving database to secure location

Having the password database in a fixed, easily accessible location is inherently insecure.
Is there a way to move it elsewhere ?

Hello @Rodnayz,

At this time there is no facility to specify an alternative location for your database to exist. Is there a particular type of attack you are concerned with?

Thank you for responding.

Keeping the database in a generally accessible pre-defined unprotected user area is an invitation to snooping, both from inside a network and from outside, or possibly even inside the computer. Also, it complicates considerably the transfer of the database to an external device for the ultimate transfer to another computer. Cloud or Dropbox syncing are not as secure as offline transfer. Facilitating offline transfer is essential to any security-conscious user.

The ability to specify the location of the database (and transfer it to another device) used to be an advantage of Splashid for example.

Hello @Rodnayz

Thank you for providing additional feedback. We will consider an option for moving the database for the future, however at this time we do not have plans to implement that feature.