Multi-targeting Nuget Package for Linux and Windows (Enterprise Customer)

We recently purchased an Enterprise subscription so our product can be FIPS compliant. We experimented first with the community edition to make sure it met our needs before pursuing this avenue, but after receiving the link to download the nuget package(s) we were a bit perplexed.

Our solution generates a single, cross-platform .net 6 binary that runs perfectly fine on Linux and Windows with the Community edition of SQLCipher, but it looks like we would be required to break this up into two separate binaries when we start utilizing the Enterprise nuget package(s) because there are separate packages for Linux and Windows.

Is there a nuget package that does multi-targeting to support Linux and Windows available? If not, is there a legitimate reason they aren’t?

Hello @bsd - thank you for getting in touch about this. We received your private support request and have replied back there with additional information.