One last Notes suggestion (Windows version): Double-click to edit

When you double click on a normal Codebook record (Entry), it switches to editing mode, which is mighty convenient for everything from updating a field, to snatching a bit of data from one of the fields independent of its full content.

Could this double-click to edit feature be enabled for notes entries? It’s not a super big deal, but you’ve created the habit of double-click to edit in me, and I’m finding it mighty hard to break now that I’m making more use of note entries within Codebook.

Thanks for your consideration!

Hi @pbabcock

We will look at including this adjustment in our next release. Thanks!

Hi @pbabcock

We just released a new version of Codebook for Windows (4.4.9) and have added double-click on note content to enter edit mode. Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks - works a treat!