Cursor Focus When Creating A Note Entry (WIndows 10)

When creating a new note entry, the cursor appears in the text box; however, the focus oddly goes off into uncharted territory. If you start typing, nothing happens unless and until you click into the text box (ie: you have to click into the box to add anything). If this isn’t a bug relative to my instantiation of Codebook (Windows or Windows OS (Windows 10 Enterprise Build 19042), could we tweak the code to move the focus immediately into the editing window, please? Pretty please?

Hi @pbabcock

This focusing behavior should behave correctly now when adding or editing a note within Codebook for Windows in the latest 4.4.8 release. Would you give the update a try when you get a chance?

I tried it, and it works great! Thanks for the speed fix!

Hi @pbabcock,

That’s great news, thank you for the confirmation!

I think I am having a senior morning but could you elaborate on the first item noted in the 4.4.9 release. Are you referring to a note field?

A note entry; not a note field.

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If you double click on the Note Entry content (the text area of the Note in the right-most pane of the Window) it will bring the Note Entry into edit mode. You could previously do the same thing with Standard (Field/Attachment) Entries by double clicking on a field in the fields list.