Dragging a "note" entry in one entry to another

I tried to look for a way to grab content from an existing note and move it into another one of my entries. I searched the discussion group but didn’t see anything like that. Here is my scenario:

I have an entryA containing several different “notes fields” (including one labelled FieldNoteX)
I’d like to drag FieldNoteX from entryA, and drop it into entryP as a note

Is that possible? --other then copying the text in FieldNoteX and creating a new “note” in entryP and then pasting FieldNoteX. information there. Is there an easier way to do this?

Hi @gk_sync

No, Codebook does not support dragging fields from one entry to another entry. Currently Codebook supports dragging fields around within an entry to allow for reordering, and dragging entries between different categories.

Would you mind sharing the usage scenario where you would want to move fields from one entry to another? How often do you find yourself needing this behavior?

Sorry Nick, your follow up got stuffed in my spam folder :confounded: Let me provide additional details as a follow-up.

I was making some updates in Codebook and had an entry in one of my categories that I wanted to move to another category. I don’t do this often, but wondered if others might have also asked about it. Since using similar functionality like dragging and dropping items in Google Drive or Microsoft is something I’m familiar with doing, I thought it would be an interesting feature in Codebook (even tho the former operate on files/folders vs. entries). Maybe I’m just very odd!

So: Here’s my scenario. I have some field entries in a category labelled “Protection” and fields in another category or two that I wanted to consolidate into one category that is dedicated to “Breaches”. Here’s a visual:

Over the past 30+ years, I’ve had OPM and some other government, educational, and industry site notifications about external breaches,and they set up free monitoring services on a couple of my accounts. Since these were scattered across different categories, I thought about merging them for easier access and to “clean up” my Codebook a bit. Also true for moving other entries from, say, credit card stores to other online shopping sites, and so forth.

In the end, for this scenario, I just copied my field-level content, deleted it from the existing entry, and added it to new fields in the other category, so no worries. (BTW, I do like that I am able to drag within an entry, and I actually do that pretty often to rearrange fields when updating things. And I’ve also dragged/dropped entries into other categories, which is a nice feature as well.)

Hope that helps explain things better. Again, sorry about the delay in responding.


Hi @gk_sync

Thank you for the detailed response, that is helpful. Just for clarification, in your example above, are Entry 2 and Entry C the same entry name, but just under different categories?

The entries are in “Protection” (with their existing fields ) and I want to move just fields over to another entry under the Breaches category. As you mentioned I can drag within the edited entry, no problem; but can’t drag it out of there to some other (either entry or category) as it turns out I get a circle with strike thru if I try.

As I look at it, maybe this is more complicated than worth further work. Even if I wanted the fields moved, I’d want to be able to see which entries in Breaches to know where I would “stuff” the fields I wanted to move, right?

Hi @gk_sync

Thank you for clarifying. Another possible approach might be to create some additional custom labels such as Breached Password, then you could change the label assignment from Password to Breached Password and keep the field within the entry. The search feature allows you to search across label names as well, so you would be able to see entries across different categories that contain a Breached Password label for example. We will certainly consider this for the future, but do not have any immediate plans to support this.

That’s an interesting way to do it!