Destructive right-clik behavior when copying from notes

In Codebook for Windows (Windows 10, 64 bit, multiple builds and editions; multiple machines) , if you double-click an entry having a note to edit it, click-hold-and-drag to highlight some text, then right click on the highlighted (highlit?) text to activate the context menu, the cursor to jumps one position to the left and the copy will, as expected, be one character short. This behavior is the same on the multitude of Windows boxes on which I use codebook, varying from “Pro” editions with the May update (V 1903), to the latest Enterprise Edition, recently updated to Fall 2018 (V 1809). This behavior has been observed through several updates to both Windows and Codebook - I just kept forgetting to post something about it.

Have a look. It’s mildly irritating.

Hello @pbabcock

Thank you for your report, we were able to reproduce this and will include a fix in our next release of Codebook for Windows. Thanks!

Absolutely my pleasure!