Problem with Secret Agent and keys like Ctrl/Shift on Windows


With Codebook for Windows, the Secret Agent UI keeps treating keys like Ctrl/Shift/Alt as a “back” action, which makes it impossible to copy a value using Ctrl-C for certain apps that don’t accept the direct input from Secret Agent (as soon as I press Ctrl, the UI returns to the search results and the value I’m trying to copy is no longer visible).

The problem doesn’t occur with the Mac version and copying from Secret Agent works fine.


Hi @mandyk

Thank you for submitting the issue you are seeing, I have just been able to replicate this issue locally. We will include a fix to address this in the next release of Codebook for Windows. Thanks!


Is this something that will get fixed quickly? I have users to onboard, and I don’t want to have to sheepishly explain this bug, if it rears its head.

@mandyk would you kindly say which apps don’t agree with the usual Secret Agent direct entry? I’d like to know, because I want to know if we need to worry about it, or not. Thanks in advance.


Hi @rickcogley

Yes, we are planning a release this week.


I’ve noticed it on things like the Slack app signin form, the Steam login dialog, and anything in a VNC session to remote hosts (VNC clients tend to grab all your input anyway so it’d be unlikely to ever work). I’d suspect most things which do their own custom UI instead of relying on native OS text input controls will have trouble accepting input directly from Secret Agent.


Good point @mandyk, I’ll keep an eye peeled. Some wonkiness I’ve noticed appears to depend on the login or app’s modality. I can’t define it well yet.