Codebook on Mac


Hi - this is odd, but sometimes when I look at prefs on Codebook on Mac, Secret Agent suddenly stops responding. I have to go into preferences again and reset the SA keystroke to the same thing I always use. Then SA will work fine.

Mac version - 10.11.4
Codebook version - 3.0.4 (345)
Secret Agent keystroke - ctrl-shift-z

Trivia: I use ctrl-shift-z because I have a Japanese keyboard, and the backslash is under an obscure opt-shift-something-something. The keyboard shows a yen mark where the backslash usually is. :smile:


Hi @rickcogley

Thanks for the report. We’ve experienced this issue as well. Do you happen to have multiple copies of Codebook on your Mac? Unfortunately, there appears to be a known underlying bug which causes sandboxed helper applications (like Secret Agent) to not always be launched properly. If you have other copies of Codebook on your Mac it might help to try to delete those, otherwise re-enabling the preference when it occurs is the current workaround.

For further information, here’s a link to the open bug report:


Hi @mmoore, appreciate that. I checked for dupes but no, I don’t see any. Noted on the workaround; will tell my team.


I’ve found that keeping Codebook in the /Applications folder also helps ensure OS X launches the helper for Secret Agent’s keyboard shortcut correctly.

We’ll be looking at ways to avoid the problem in the future. Sorry for the trouble!


Thanks. I’ll confirm that.