Secret Agent does not paste entire string


Secret Agent using Codebook for Windows on Windows 7 x64 does not always paste the entire string of either the username or password. The issue resolves itself when I manually exit Codebook and then restart it however after a couple hours it starts to happen again.


Hi @adlerdm

Thank you for your report, although I’m sorry to hear Secret Agent isn’t working properly for you. I have a few follow up questions:

  • How long has Codebook been running before you experience this behavior?
  • Are you invoking the Secret Agent Actions (Ctrl + r) on an entry, or attempting to only insert a specific field?
  • When it doesn’t insert content correctly, is it always the same entry/entries that are of issue, or do all entries insert incorrect?
  • What application are you attempting to insert into when it improperly inserts content?
  • Are there certain characters that are not being inserted every time? Are they always the same characters, or do they vary?


I believe this began when I updated to the latest version about 2 weeks ago.

I open secret agent (using Ctrl + Shift + ') when my cursor is in a field I want to paste into, search for the entry I need, click enter, scroll down to the field I want to paste, and the click enter.

It seems to be all entries.

I am almost always inserting into a Google Chrome browser.

It seems to miss the first few characters in a field. Not specific characters.