Codebook Windows - Secret Agent text entry is invisible

Ever since the latest version of Codebook, the Secret Agent dialog works properly immediately after program start, than shortly after, each subsequent call of that dialog results in the text entry field being invisible.

Restart Codebook, and the cycle continues.

Hi @berlee

I’m sorry to hear about the behavior you are seeing in Codebook for Windows. Would you mind posting a screenshot of the Secret Agent window you are seeing, just to make sure we understand what this looks like to you? Thanks!

I can, but I’m not sure what good it will do, since it looks like the Secret Agent dialog with the text entry field blank.

It will call up entries based on what is typed, but it’s a little tricky, since typos and the number of characters typed are not visible.

Hello @berlee

Thank you for the screenshot, that is helpful. By chance, did this occur after viewing the field listing and attempting to return to the Secret Agent search view?

No, it occurs as in the original post.