Windows Version - bug with Secret Agent (long pause)


When I use secret agent and have an existing entry still open, I get a bug which means that next time I open secret agent, it is unresponsive - it opens but I can’t go back to the main screen/ search or do anything except paste the existing entry field. It eventually works again, but not until a long pause.

I think it goes like this:
Open secret agent
search for an entry
open the entry

(pause, automatic lock)

Open secret agent
existing entry still visible - can use the agent to paste that entry into my current location, but the “navigate back” button doesn’t work and am stuck with the entry that I have open.

If I persist, it eventually seems to unlock itself and I can use it again.
I’m not sure the exact sequence to get the bug, but I get it pretty frequently. I’ll try to take note next time I get it.



Hi @nwb

Thank you for your support of Codebook. We’ve been trying to re-create this issue, but have been unable to. These are the steps we used:

  1. Open Secret Agent (both with the main Codebook window open and closed)
  2. Search for an entry and hit enter so the entry’s fields are displayed
  3. Leave the entry open in Secret Agent and allow the auto lock timer to expire (the behavior we see here is the Secret Agent window disappears when the auto lock timer expires – are you seeing something different?)
  4. Use the hotkey combo to bring up Secret Agent again (at this point it prompts us for the master password again – Are you seeing something different?)
  5. Log back in with our master password and the search results from our previous search is displayed and navigable.

Are these the same steps you’re using to reproduce the issue? If not what are you doing differently?

Could I ask what Windows version you’re running (i.e. 10, 8, 7) and what version of Codebook you’re running (this can be found under the Help -> About menu)?



Hi Micah,
Thank you…

I had the issue earlier in the week, but can’t get it to replicate again. Next time I get it, I’ll try to work out the events and repost. I’m using Win 7 64 bit,